Can Dachshunds be left alone all day?

Dachshund Left Alone All Day

That is a question that several people ask themselves when they take on owning one of these fantastic dogs. The short answer is yes, but it’s essential to learn how to do it properly.

Dachshunds prefer companionship, and they shouldn’t be left by themselves for longer than a few hours at a time. If you’re considering doing this, do your dog a favor, and let it try one of the available toys. Dachshunds love to explore, dig, chew and snuggle.

Do Dachshunds Have Destructive Behaviors When Alone?

Doxie has a reputation for being destructive when left alone. It can be attributed to their natural hunting instinct, which appears to cause them to become destructive when they are not being exercised.

Dachshunds are a few breeds that are often seen to be destructive when they are not being exercised and ignored. They also have poor behaviors when they become bored or stressed and often tear around in circles until they collapse.

The need for exercise is one of the most important aspects of a Dachshund’s life. Dogs are pack animals, and like humans, they get lonely and bored if they do not have someone to interact with regularly. That often causes dogs to become destructive to relieve their stress caused by loneliness or boredom.

Leaving Your Dachshund Alone? How Long Does It Take?

Dachshunds are loyal and faithful dogs that do not enjoy being left alone. Because they have short legs and long backs, they are uncomfortable with their bodies being cold, and they prefer to be under a warm blanket or in a cozy bed. They also tend to bark a lot, no matter what time of the day. If you plan on leaving your Dachshund alone, you need to know how long dachshunds should be left alone.

Adult Dachshunds tend to bark a lot at all sorts of things. It is pretty frustrating to the owners, but your Dachshund merely does it to get your attention and love you. Many people think that leaving your Dachshund alone for just a couple of hours will be alright, but this is not so. Dachshunds are very energetic dogs, and they need their owners to help them release that energy. If you leave a dachshund alone for even two hours, you will find him or her barking non-stop in an attempt to get your attention and for you to come back home.

Do Dachshunds Get Depressed If Left Alone

Whether Dachshunds get depressed when left alone is a difficult one to answer. Sure, it’s possible for any animal to experience depression if they are neglected or physically abused. But those are extreme situations, and most Dachshund owners can rest assured that their little wiener dogs aren’t going to fall into either of those categories. 

The Journal of Veterinary Behavior conducted a study that found that dogs isolated from social contact and physical stimulation have high stress and anxiety level. Interestingly enough, this stress was solved merely by placing a stuffed toy along with the dog in the room. The stuffed toy provided company for the dog while not being present.

What To Do Before You Leave Your Dachshund Alone 


Ensure you have a good supply of dry dog food in his/her bowl. Be sure it is placed in an area that will be relatively safe from your Dachshund if he/she gets the urge to chew. Your Dachshund will be able to urinate with ease if this area is removed. Usually, this would be the kitchen or some other room away from the rest of the house.


Make sure your Dachshund has plenty of freshwaters. Be sure it is placed in an area where it will not tip over if your dog decides to play in the water or if it jumps on top of the bowl. Removed it from where your Dachshund will be sleeping. Ordinarily, this would be the kitchen or some other room away from the rest of the house.


If you are planning to go away for more than an overnight and leave your dog outside, make sure a blanket is arranged for him/her so that he/she can sleep comfortably. A nice thick blanket will help keep him/her warm and comfortable.


Ensure your Dachshund has some toys to play with while you are away. These should be toys that it loves but are not easy to destroy. Dachshunds will tear up a toy in a matter of minutes if it is not made correctly. This encouragement will help your dog have a better time being home alone. Be sure that toys are placed in an area where they will not be easily destroyed or chewed up.

Where Will He/She Be?

If you are going to be leaving your Dachshund outside, make sure he/she will have shade at all times of the day from sun, rain, and wind. It is imperative to live in an area with extreme temperatures for most of the year. During the winter months, make sure your Dachshund will be able to get out of any freezing rain, snow, etc. Make sure he/she can get out of the wind during the spring and fall if you live in an area that gets a lot of wind storms.


Be sure that if you leave your Dachshund outside more than four hours, you have him/her house trained before you leave. If you are using a crate, please remember to take them out to go potty every two hours. Also, remember that some dogs will have a hard time going potty and relaxing at the same time, so make sure you take your Dachshund out to go potty just before you leave.


Be sure that you have a large enough gate for him/her to get under if they want to get out. A dog generally tries to find a way out if they are unhappy with their situation, so make sure you have given them sufficient room in the room where they will spend most of their time.


If you leave your Dachshund outside, make sure the television will be on low for them. That will help drown out any noises they may hear and help ease them into the idea that they are alone.

How Long Will You Be Gone?

Make sure you have a good idea of how long you will be gone from your Dachshund before leaving. If it is less than eight hours, the crate should be kept in the same room your dog typically stays in so it does not feel lonely.

Should You Crate Your Dachshund When You Leave?

If your Dachshund is used to going in his/her crate when you leave, and if he/she does not have separation anxiety, then it might be best for you to crate your dog when you leave. However, if your Dachshund already has separation anxiety problems, then crating him/her could make the problem worse.

Spend Time With The Dog Before You Leave 

If you’re going away for a while and leaving your lovely Dachshund behind, spend some time with him before you go. Walk him around the block. Play with him in the backyard or living room. It’s good to leave treats with him, so he has something to occupy himself until you get back. Make him as comfortable as possible so that both of you will have the best experience possible.

Consider A Dog Walker 

If you’re only going away for a night or two (or even just a few hours), consider hiring someone to walk your dog. Check out local pet stores and ask neighbors who they might recommend. You can also search the Internet for “dog walking” or “pet sitting” services in your area or contact local kennels that offer these services. 

Signs Of Separation Anxiety In Dachshunds

A dog with separation anxiety will show signs of distress when its owner leaves them for an extended period, often causing destruction or barking to the point of exhaustion. Signs may include: excessive salivation, shaking, whining, urinating, defecating, excessive panting, destructiveness, or barking. The dog may try to leave the house and follow their owner to be with them. In severe cases, Dachshunds may become destructive and noisy to the point of injuring themselves by biting or scratching at doors and windows.

Do Dachshunds Have Separation Anxiety? 

Dachshunds are a popular breed of dog and one that many people are interested in owning. However, many people have questions about Dachshunds, often wondering if they have separation anxiety when owners are away.

There is no definitive answer to this question because separation anxiety can be hard to spot in dogs. For starters, it can be hard to tell exactly how a dog is feeling about being left alone because they cannot easily communicate with humans. Dogs can let their owners know when they are hungry, thirsty, or need a walk by barking, whining, or showing other obvious signs, but there is no way for them to tell their owners when they are bored or depressed.

To make matters more complicated, dogs may have different reactions depending on how their owners raised them from a young age or what types of experiences they have had in the past.

Tips On How To Prevent A Dachshund From Getting Depressed When Left Alone

Unless you give your puppies a job, they will get bored and antsy in a period when left alone. 

Here are some tips that can help prevent dachshunds from getting depressed when left home alone.

  • Give Him A Job

Your Dachshund would benefit the most if you gave him work. This job will help keep him occupied and will make him feel useful. One of the most common jobs you can give your dog is the mailman. He will love to carry his own “mail” around and deliver it when he finds a “mailbox,” which might be stuffed with treats.

  • Make His Crate Comfortable

Dogs typically like their crates when first brought home, but they may start to dislike it as time goes by because they spend more time there alone. It’s an excellent plan to crate train a Dachshund because it will teach it a crate is a positive place, but you will have to change how the dog views a crate. If your Dachshund has outgrown the puppy stage and is now full-sized, then it will need a more substantial crate. You may even need to get a second one depending on how much free time you have during the day.

  • Keep Him Busy

Dachshunds are notorious for being clever and getting out of places they are supposed to be. They can even find their way out of the smallest openings. It is vital to keep your Dachshund busy, so he won’t have time to think about his crate or the fact that you aren’t home. You can leave a radio on or television if you prefer so long as there is plenty of noise coming from it—especially if there is no one there to interrupt him when he barks.

  • Make Sure He Gets Plenty Of Exercises

Dachshunds are bred to hunt, which means they need many exercises to keep themselves happy and healthy. If you can’t get your dog out during the day, then getting him up at night to play with you is an excellent option. If your schedule doesn’t allow for this, however, then you can also consider purchasing a tire or making your obstacle course so he can run around in the house as much as possible. You will have to take him out at night before bedtime, so he goes to sleep contented.

  • Take Him To Dog Daycare

You might consider taking your Dachshund to a friendly dog daycare if you can’t get him out during the day. That will not only give him exercise, but it will help lessen his boredom. You might also consider a specialty store that sells dog products so you can buy him some toys that he can play with when you are gone.

  • Keep His Environment Familiar

Dogs like their environment familiar. That’s why they prefer eating in the same bowl, sleeping in the same place, and using the same bathroom. Changing its environment, even if it is just by moving things around, can make your Dachshund feel lonely. Keeping its environment familiar will help prevent it from feeling lonely and depressed when you aren’t home.

  • Make Sure He Has A Blanket Or Bed To Sleep In When You Aren’t Home.

Dachshunds are known to sleep a lot because they get bored quickly and need less sleep than other breeds. If you also work long hours during the day, it is best to get him a blanket or bed of his own, so he feels safer and secures while you aren’t home. If you have to get up in the middle of the night for an emergency, make sure you put him back on his blanket or bed so he doesn’t wake up alone and confused.

  • Keep A Supply Of Treats On Hand

Dachshunds love their food, so you can use this to your advantage when trying to prevent him from feeling depressed when you aren’t home. If he gets bored, give him a few treats to enjoy them when you aren’t around and come back ready to play again. That will help him realize that eating is a lot more fun than being bored alone at home.

How To Help The Dachshunds Feel Less Fear When Staying Alone?

Many people worry about their dachshunds when leaving them alone. Usually, after work or in the evening, it isn’t easy for a dachshund owner to go back home to check on how the dog is doing.

If you are a part of this group, you do not have to worry about your dog because it is still young. It will grow more independent and learn how to be alone. It’s not easy to help it get over the fear it has. But you can follow the following steps to help your dachshund calmer when it’s alone.

  1. Firstly, make sure that your Dachshund is comfortable in his favorite place. You have to make sure that the place is comfortable and safe. If not, he may be worried about getting some danger when left alone.
  2. Secondly, when you come back home from work or after some relevant business, try not to make a lot of noise so that your dog won’t be scared if something happens suddenly. When you arrive home, it is best to keep your voice low. When your Dachshund makes a mistake, never make him feel scared. It would help if you were understanding and gentle with him. Then he will feel safe in his place again.
  3. Thirdly, when you leave the house for a short while on a routine basis (for example, going to work), try not to leave the Dachshund alone for long hours. Your dog might get used to being left alone for long hours if you always do it in the same way. But you should change your routine if possible so that he won’t get too bored and lonely when left alone without any company.
  4. Finally, when you leave your Dachshund for a long time, you need to make the place interesting enough. For example, if you have a TV at home, put it in front of your Dachshund so that he can watch the screen while being left alone. It’s better if there is something in front of him to see on the screen so that he won’t be too bored and lonely. It is also a choice to put some toys around him to play with them when waiting for you to come home.

You will be surprised that your Dachshund will get used to being left alone and become calmer and more comfortable with it as time goes on.

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