How Do I Know When A Female Dachshund In Heat?

Female Dachshund

You can tell when your female Dachshund is in heat by looking for a few key signs. The first sign might be its swollen nipples, which will have a red tint. It may become more docile and relaxed, and the roof of its mouth will turn dark purple while also starting to drool excessively. It may be difficult for you to keep your pet from biting or nipping at you when their hormones fluctuate.

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How Do I Stop My Female Dachshund from Injuring Herself When She’s in Heat?

The number one rule for you to follow is to keep the dog away from male dogs. Even if the male has been neutered, a female in heat will be able to sense his sexual energy and begin mating with him. That will create an aggressive environment for all of your pets, and if the female becomes pregnant, she may begin eating her pups.

  • Keep the female outside. 

Even if it’s raining or a dog house is available for her, she should remain outdoors during the heat. That will ensure that she will not be able to annoy the males inside your home or yard, nor will she be able to have sexual intercourse with them.

  • Keep the female on a leash.

Leash her so that you will be able to control her not to harass or injure other dogs. It would help if you also kept an eye on your female Dachshund at all times, as she can become aggressive while in heat.

  • Provide lots of water.

Ensure that your female Dachshund is drinking water regularly. Water will help to release her from the heat, and it will also prevent her from becoming lethargic. You can use water to distract her when she gets overly excited.

  • Use a blanket to protect yourself.

Cover yourself with a blanket to keep your clothes from becoming contaminated by her scent. You will also need to make sure that you have a change of clothing to be stressed when she’s in heat.

  • Use natural sprays.

Ensure that you have water and natural sprays for her, as these will soothe her and help calm her down. If you use a natural spray, you should always check the ingredients as some sprays can be harmful to dogs.

  • Provide chew toys.

Chewing toys are an excellent way to make her less stressed and bored. It will show her that you care about her, and she’ll be less likely to become aggressive while she’s in heat.

  • Keep her away from males.

Keep your female Dachshund isolated as much as possible, especially from male dogs. Even if they have been neutered, your dog will still sense their energy and become aroused by it.

  • Avoid her during her heat cycle.

Avoid the dog for a few days before and after her heat cycle. The only exception is if she has already been spayed.

  • Provide food for her so that she is full.

Make sure that she has something to eat every day, as, without dog food, she can become stressed and cause herself harm.

  • Bring her to a vet.

Take your pet to a veterinarian if she becomes agitated, passive, or aggressive during her heat cycle. The vet can check for any problems and advise you on what to do next.

How Often Does a Dachshund Have a Heat Cycle?

A dog’s heat cycle is about twice a year. That’s why Dachshunds are known as “seasonal shedders.” Female dachshunds will have a heat cycle (uterine involution) every 12 weeks, during which time they will get mopey and highly vocal. 

  1. Their temperature will rise to 104-106 degrees F. They will be very attentive to you during this time. 
  2. They will also be moving a lot, making them more visible to other dogs. That is the perfect time for a puppy class. 
  3. You can tell when a dog is in a season by looking at her vulva. It will be swollen and red (like a human woman’s vagina). 
  4. It is not uncommon for female dachshunds to show some blood. 
  5. The cycle is usually finished at three weeks. 

Dachshunds False Pregnancy: Confusing Time

Dachshunds can have false pregnancies because they are not held back by a uterus (womb). They can make puppies, but Doxies don’t have to go through the actual birth process since they don’t have one. Some Doxies will be “false pregnant” for up to a full year.

Veterinarians know the condition as pseudopregnancy or pseudocyesis. The dog will go through some pregnancy signs like nesting, clingy, nesting material in her bedding, false milk production, and pseudo contractions. The dog will not have the physical changes or time that a pregnant animal would have a confirmed pregnancy.

The most common symptoms include:

  1. Extreme affection for her owner.
  2. Thinking someone will harm the owner or running away.
  3. Loss of appetite and picky eater.
  4. Nesting behavior.
  5. Nesting material in the dog’s bedding

Dachshunds can have multiple non- fertile cycles in one year, which can become very stressful for both the dog and its owner.

How Long Does a Dachshund’s Heat Cycle Last?

A female dachshund can have up to seven heats before she is pregnant. To estimate how many times she will have this each year, divide the number of months in a year by 7. It means that a female may have up to 12 heats over her lifetime.

Will Male dachshunds have a heat cycle?

Yes, male dachshunds will have a heat cycle. They get anestrus as puppies and are free of estrous. They will start having a heat cycle when they’re about six months old. Male dachshunds will have 1-3 cycles per year. They will likely develop mature sperm before breeding age.

What Are The Stages Heat Cycles Of Female Dachshunds

The average heat cycle of a female Dachshund is due every six to twelve months. 

1st phase of the heat cycle

Which lasts for approximately four weeks, is called proestrus. Proestrus, also known as the pre-estrus phase, is when the female Dachshund’s internal reproductive organs prepare for egg implantation. During bloody discharge, there may be an increased interest in male dogs. That is especially common in Dachshunds, who like to be pursued by male dogs.

2nd phase of the heat cycle

During this stage of the cycle, reproductive hormones are released and cause her to develop a strong sexual desire. The female Dachshund will usually exhibit a strong attraction for male dogs. She may also become more affectionate with her master and want more attention hours.

3rd phase of the heat cycle

Also referred to as estrus, this stage is when mating takes place. The female Dachshund will have an increased interest in males, and her sexual appetite will be vital. You will notice her circling males, and in some cases, she might even mount. Some females are more submissive during this stage and allow the male dog to do the mounting. It makes them even more attractive to the male. 

4th phase of the heat cycle

It is the actual mating period. During this time, the female Dachshund will exhibit the highest sexual appetite and desire—a crucial time in the dog’s reproductive cycle. A female will attempt to conceive during this time. That is typically thought of as a sexually-aggressive invitation.

5th stage of the heat cycle

Also called diestrus, this stage is when the female Dachshund’s period of fecundity ends. As a rule, the first heat cycle stretches to approximately thirteen days, with each subsequent heat cycle being about nine days shorter. It is not uncommon for the Dachshund to have several heats in one year.

How to Manage Your Dachshund In Heat

It is a fact of life that you will have dogs in heat at some point in the breeding season. You may be pretty sure it won’t happen during the first heat cycle, but your dog will have a string of given dates in between them. 

Know the signs

A female Dachshund will be more affectionate during the regular heat cycles than usual and will pant heavily. Your dog will also have an intensified desire to mate with male dogs. When in heat, a female dog will usually come into season every four months till it’s bred.

Know the symptoms

Female dachshunds are very interested in breeding and will want to mount the male Dachshund. However, male dachshunds do not respond at all to these signals. The female dog will be very affectionate and try to attract the male. These signals indicate that she’s in heat.

Know the causes

Hormones trigger the breeding season for Dachshunds. These are called reproductive hormones, and they are released into the Dachshund’s system through the blood. This process is started either by natural means or when a female dachshund is mated with a male dog.

Know the time

Dogs will come into season in late winter and early spring. The heat cycle happens every four months till the dog is bred. For the first heat cycle, the Dachshund may come into season five to six months after her last season. It could be a year and a half or even longer between heats. 

Know your dog

You will need to know when your female dog has finished her heat cycle for breeding purposes, so you don’t get too far ahead of yourself and breed her before she is ready.

Know how to breed

There are many different methods of breeding dogs. Some teams make their dachshunds mates for life by mating them every year. Others use artificial insemination and freeze the sperm ahead of time to breed at any time in the year. Some owners breed Dachshunds either through insemination or artificial insemination once they reach sexual maturity.

Know whether your dog is ready

The only way to be 100% sure you are getting the sex you want is to have a dog that has had all his or her heat cycles. If your Dachshund has not had all her heat cycles, you will have to use one of the other breeding methods, and it is best only to breed your Dachshund when she is in her first heat cycle.

Know the costs

Some of these breeding methods contain artificial insemination and sperm freezing. These are not cheap. However, once you have a dachshund bred to a male dog, there are no more births in that litter. If you would like more than one pup, you can do this in a year or two.

Know when to breed

You will have to know when your Dachshund will be in her first heat cycle. The only way to do this is to keep track of other dachshunds’ heat cycles and compare them to your dog, or if you are using artificial insemination, you can wait for the male dog to arrive at the right time. The best way to figure this out is to track other females’ heat cycles while keeping track of when they cycled last and in what season.

Know how to take care of your Dachshund in heat

When a dachshund gets in heat, she may make a mess on the track and even pee on the furniture. These are natural signs that she is in heat and wants to mate with her male Dachshund.


A Dachshund in the heat can be a challenge. It will often become very vocal, which can be difficult for some people. The good news is that they are simply looking for a mate. So, if you are hoping to avoid heat cycles on your Dachshund, using a product such as the DAS Reproductive Training Treat can make it much more manageable.

Questions on How Long Does A Dachshund Stay In Heat? The entire cycle can take around 12 to 16 days, with the average being 14 days. The owner may need to wait until the dog has passed her period (approximately two to three weeks) before putting them back in the breeding mood. The breeders will depend on your dog’s personality, health, and energy level before pregnancy. 

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